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izzyshare - Guest Blog - GO GREEN!

Go green! Literally, by adding plants!

Once I found out that the theme for March would be plants, I have to admit that a huge smile came to my face!  Plants are the best of both worlds for me.  From a design perspective plants are aesthetically pleasing and can add the finishing touches to a room.  From an educational perspective plants can teach children responsibility, educational concepts, and an appreciation for a green thumb. 

It’s important that you pick the right plants. Some plants can help clean the air, while others can release VOCs (volatile organic compounds). You will want to be considerate to those who have allergies when considering the type and placement of your plants. Some plants are toxic to children and pets, so do your homework before you bring a plant into your space.  To help you pick the right plants, here are three great sites to further your plant education:

Here are some great books to help teach your little ones about plants! You can click the pictures of the book to read reviews and summaries.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle does an excellent job of conveying through words and illustrations the journey of a seed.  

My students always loved Magic School Bus books.  The Magic School Bus Plants a Seed explores how living things grow.

I stumbled upon A Kid’s Herb Book on amazon and it had such good ratings from parents that I felt I should share it with you.  Here’s the book’s description from amazon-
Explore the mysterious world of herbs with this magical, herbal workbook: Make your own healing potions, secret remedies, magical salves, enchanted syrups and special healing remedies. Recipes, projects, delightful stories, chant herbal songs, color in pictures, activities, grow your own garden, create healing herbal preparations!

I hope this post has inspired you to add some green to your home or classroom.  Now go out and find some plants (and let me know how it goes)!  Do you already have plants in your home or classroom?  Send me pictures! :)


Guest Blog Introduction

I would like to begin by thanking Marcia for having me as a guest blogger! I'm excited to regularly post to this blog and I hope I can give readers some helpful ideas and tips.  For my first guest post I wanted to do more of an introduction and give everyone a little background information on myself and izzyshare.  My following posts will be related to educational design ideas for kids. 

My name is Ashlee and I am an interior designer wannabe and an educational enthusiast! I’m a former teacher turned editor of izzyshare. What is izzyshare?  izzyshare (not an error, we like the lowercase i better) is an online resource for teachers and parents to find and share design ideas for kids through pictures.  At izzyshare, you’ll find plenty of pictures of bulletin board, organization, projects, and at-home space ideas just for kids! We love receiving new pictures, so if you’ve got some, send them our way!  

Why the name izzyshare?
The name izzyshare, after months of careful consideration, comes from the name of a family member whose name is Isabelle.  Her nickname is Izzy and my husband and I have always thought it was a sweet name.  We wanted the title to be cute and have something to do with sharing, since it is a place for parents and educators to share ideas.  So izzy and share were magically connected to form izzyshare.

Do you have a blog?
Why yes, we do have a blog! The blog is now known as little izzy. little izzy (we really don’t like to capitalize things do we?) mostly consists of pictures and information on trendy kid rooms, classrooms, kid art, and crafts.  We also publish eco friendly pieces for the eco-conscious folks (like ourselves) out there. Anything that is related to kid design can usually find a home on our site, especially if it boasts educational value!

What is your background?
I was born and raised in West Virginia where I met and married my high school sweetheart Mark. We have two miniature schnauzers that are pretty much our children. After college, Mark and I moved to Texas, then to Alabama where I taught first grade and kindergarten for 3 years, and we are now back in Texas. Needless to say, we are pros at moving! 

I hope you have a better idea of who I am and what izzyshare is all about.  Stay tuned for the next post that might have you adding some green to your little one's spaces.

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  1. Very nice post! I am so glad that I came across this one. I like the pictures.



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